95th Balboa Birthday Bash Salutes the U.S.O


The Balboa Theatre Organ Society is proud to present the 95th Balboa Theatre Birthday Bash -

A Salute to the U.S.O.  Come enjoy our patriotic history in this high energy fun-filled evening of  music and memories, hosted by San Diego's own Kimberly King. Staring Ric Henry & Eric Hellmers, Julie Rogelstad, Vicki Hamilton, Joanne Roshon, Louise Gallagher, Sara Kimberlin, Reina Bolles, Diana Hagerty & Greg Klamt,  Miranda Colvin, Brooke Eyler & Lydia Schmidt, Violet Britton & Vanya Popav. Written and Directed by Ric Henry. PLUS a Classic Black & White Silent Film staring Laurel & Hardy featuring Russ Peck on the " Wonder" Morton Organ!